Welcome to West Hollywood

Incorporated in 1984, West Hollywood, often referred to simply as WeHo, is at the geographical heart of the Los Angeles region.

Due to previous unincorporated status, West Hollywood both existed outside the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Police Department and lacked a police department of its own. Therefore, the region became a hot-bed of liquor and nightlife. Nightclubs, hotels and restaurants sprung up along The Sunset Strip. Gambling, which was legal in Los Angeles County but not in the City of Los Angeles, brought money and the attention of mobsters like Bugsy Segal and Micky Cohen. In the Golden Age of Hollywood, West Hollywood was the swankiest, most glamorous nightlife destination in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.

At present, the city has grown to 39,000 residents and remains Los Angeles’ hottest destination for the entertainment industry with its boutique hotels, celebrity-owned restaurants, unparalleled nightlife and shopping and world-renowned events. West Hollywood continues to set the standard for progressive, creative individuals on the forefront of trends and new ideas.

Real Estate Insights

West Hollywood real estate is comprised largely of multi-unit buildings, from the historic courtyard buildings along Fountain Avenue to the dingbats lining nearly every street, as well as single-family homes with Spanish influences. West Hollywood neighborhoods include: the Norma Triangle, West Hollywood North, Melrose District, West Hollywood West, West Hollywood East, West Hollywood Heights, and the Fountain Avenue Thematic Courtyard District.

On the architecture front, there are iconic structures such as the Colonial House, Hart House, and Schindler House, along with historical apartment buildings including Edward Fickett’s Ship’s Bow, La Ronda, the Andalusia, and Villa D’Este.

The median home sales price over the past 12 months was $912,750 with an average price per square foot at $741.

People and Lifestyle

West Hollywood is surrounded by must-see hotspots in every direction including the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Blvd, and the Design District.

The Sunset Strip is a mile-and-a-half stretch of Sunset Boulevard that passes through West Hollywood. The Strip is a party destination like no other—playground of Hollywood royalty and the origin of many famous brands. Santa Monica Boulevard, famously known as Route 66, has a variety of fantastic shops and restaurants, and is the heart of the thriving LGBTQ community.

The Design District is home to some of the most world-famous retailers.


West Hollywood has 12 primary and secondary schools. One of the highest rated schools in the neighborhood is the West Hollywood Elementary School, which is rated 10.

Public schools in West Hollywood are in Los Angeles Unified School District.