Welcome to Holmby Hills

Holmby Hills was developed in 1919 when Arthur Letts Sr. purchased a 400-acre portion of the Wolfskill Ranch for $2,000,000. His plan was to create a mixed development of retail, apartments, residences, estates, and a prestigious university, which is now present-day UCLA. He personally christened the developments Westwood and “Holmby Hills,” the latter loosely derived from the name of his birthplace, a small village in England called Holdenby. Letts died suddenly in 1923, before he could realize his vision. The Janss brothers repurchased the land for $7,000,000 and began development of the area as well as other Los Angeles neighborhoods

Holmby Hills is the smallest of the three communities comprising the Platinum Triangle. Not only is Holmby Hills smaller than Bel Air and Beverly Hills, it is also the most coveted of the three neighborhoods.

Real Estate Insights

Holmby Hills is one of the few neighborhoods to surpass Beverly Hills and Bel Air in prices and exclusivity. The residences include grand classical architecture and stunning modern designs set on expansive lots with beautiful views across Los Angeles. In dedication to the Holmby Hills developer Arthur Letts, English-style streetlamps were designed specifically for the neighborhood.


Lush landscaping and enormous multi-acre lots have attracted the rich and famous to this area for decades. Many celebrities have built enormous dream homes within Holmby Hills, with some of its most spectacular properties being valued at upwards of $100 million. However, the average price of a home in Holmby Hills goes for much less, and buyers can expect a competitive market starting around $2-3 million.

People and Lifestyle

Holmby Hills is home to some of the most renowned starts in the entertainment industry. One of the most famous homes in the Holmby Hills area is the late Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion. Other famous names to have resided in Holmby Hills includes a long list of Hollywood royalty and music icons such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Walt Disney.

The community overlaps Sunset Boulevard, borders the Los Angeles Country Club, and is home to two parks: Holmby Park and De Neve Square Park. Holmby Park includes two playgrounds, a nine-hole putting green called the Armand Hammer Golf Course, and a classic lawn bowling, home to the Holmby Park Lawn Bowling Club started in 1927. It is located next to the Los Angeles Country Club.

The lavish LA charm, high profile neighbors, and seclusion make Holmby Hills a perfect choice for today’s luxury buyer.


Holmby Hills is also an ideal place for raising a family. Its private nature means that safety is a top priority. Families can choose between top-quality districts such as Warner Avenue Elementary School, Emerson Middle School, as well as University High School.

After high school, residents can benefit from the lower in-state tuition at UCLA which is located just a few blocks away.